Central London’s transport infrastructure is some of the best in the world. However, as the population and workforce of Central London grow, much of this infrastructure is operating at capacity or is overcrowded. Even the current pipeline of planned investment will do little to address capacity issues, especially when travel into the CLF footprint is concentrated around a number of peak times.

On transport in particular, we are working together to develop a number of initiatives to:

  • Manage passenger numbers travelling into Central London at peak hours
  • Encourage increased uptake of cycling by improving the safety of cycling infrastructure
  • Reduce the volume of commercial traffic on Central London roads, especially delivery vehicles
  • Develop a new pipeline of infrastructure projects to help manage future demand

But there are wider infrastructure issues our boroughs want to tackle too:

    • Vehicle congestion contributing to illegal levels of air pollution
    • Aging broadband infrastructure, with nationally low download speeds
    • Aging energy and water infrastructure




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