Employment and Skills

CLF’s jobs market has grown substantially since the economic crisis, but the changing nature of work in central London presents acute challenges for central London residents.

CLF’s labour market has performed well since the financial crisis. Over half a million jobs have been created in central London in the period 2010-15, accounting for 64% of London’s total jobs growth. The employment rate is now the highest on record, and a growing share of the newly created jobs are in high-value, highly paid sectors such as professional and business services, finance, and ICT, which alone account for 40% of jobs in central London.

Yet, CLF boroughs face several challenges that we are working collectively to address:

  • Long-term unemployment, especially among those with health conditions and disabilities
  • A hollowing out of the labour market leaving those with low or mid-level skills with limited opportunity for progression
  • A growing share of residents working in insecure and/or low-paid employment
  • The low take-up of apprenticeships across central London among residents and businesses
  • Brexit posing acute risks to key sectors of the economy

We have developed a skills strategy to support our residents to access the quality employment opportunities available in central London. Our boroughs are working together and with other local stakeholders to deliver on the recommendations included in this strategy. Additional work includes commissioning research on low pay in central London, and developing a new way for providers and employers in the health and social work sector to come together to form an outcomes-based agreement around skills.

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Jenny Gulliford

Key Resources

IPPR Skills Evidence Base


CLF Skills Strategy 2019


IES Presentation July 2020

IES research on the impact of measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 on the central London labour market.


Access to employment in Central London

This research by Steer explores the geographic nature of employment in central London.


Securing the future of culture in central London amid Covid-19

Independent research commissioned by Central London Forward from BOP Consulting.


The current and future impact of COVID-19 on London’s retail and hospitality sectors

The current and future impact of COVID-19 on London’s retail and hospitality sectors. Independent research from WPI Economics on the various factors affecting the retail and hospitality sectors.


Where next for retail and hospitality in central London?

Updated research from WPI Economics on hospitality and retail.


Health and Social Care Skills and Employment Outcomes

This agreement was developed in partnership with Shared Intelligence, following engagement with local authorities, employers and skills providers.


Health & Social Care Outcomes event 21.6.2021

Health & Social Care Outcomes Agreement Launch - 21st June 2021


Central London Recovery Tracker – June 2021

Central London Recovery Tracker - June 2021


Central London Recovery Tracker – September 2021

Tracker - September 2021


CLF – FE Funding Reform consultation response

CLF has submitted our response to proposed funding reforms to the FE system. We have highlighted that this reform should not come at the cost of London’s funding levels, and the wider role of Adult Co