The success of central London is dependent on its infrastructure but much of it is now operating at capacity. As London’s population continues to grow, there is a need to invest further in the transport network. Together, CLF’s boroughs are working to enable and deliver new infrastructure and make sure more Londoners can benefit from active travel.

Investing in people, jobs and infrastructure is key to addressing future challenges and ensuring that central London’s economy continues to deliver and spread the benefits of growth.

Working together, the twelve partnership boroughs are committed to infrastructure upgrades to accommodate growth, delivering the infrastructure where it is needed, and managing demand on existing networks- in particular through the promotion of more sustainable modes of transport.

The Inclusive Growth Strategy provides the route-map for the central London borough’s priorities in the transport and digital sectors. It proposes a set of recommendations highlighting those activities where, working collaboratively, the boroughs can deliver and lobby for change at the sub-regional level.

Key priorities for the infrastructure sector are:

  • Investing in the transport network
  • Supporting modal shift
  • Better broadband connectivity

Contact: Efa Gough



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