Construction Careers


The Construction Careers pilot project came to an end on the 31st October 2020.

For 2 years, we supported over 700 residents from across the 8 participating Local Authorities on their journey into finding a new career within the construction industry, whether this be through individual advice and guidance, support with bespoke training or by brokering employment opportunities with contractors.

The following organisations and projects are available to support participants on their journey:

The Construction Careers programme was developed to support local residents to access the high number of construction jobs available in London’s booming building sector.

Central London is a core driver of construction activity in London, and is witnessing one of the largest programmes of economic regeneration activity in Europe, yet often local residents have found it hard to find work in the local construction sector.

Driving this is the fact that many local unemployed people lack the skills, work experience or relevant licences to make a construction career a reality.

Working with key construction partners, Central London Forward wanted the Construction Careers programme to:

  • Enable local people to benefit from these opportunities by equipping them with the skills and support they need to work in construction.
  • Work with industry to improve the delivery of Section 106 commitments across the CLF footprint, to ensure that commitments made are filled by trained local jobseekers.
  • Develop a new sub-regional approach to understanding future construction skills needs.

CLF boroughs earmarked £1.4m of local funding to support 700 local residents access the skills training and support needed to benefit from central London’s booming construction market.




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