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Launched in March 2018, Central London Works is an employment programme designed to support central London residents or residents referred from any Jobcentre that falls within the boundaries of the twelve CLF boroughs to overcome their employment barriers and move into stable, well-paid work. 

The programme is designed for participants with disabilities, the long-term unemployed (LTU) and specified disadvantaged groups. 

The £51m programme has replaced the previous national employment support programmes operating in Central London and will support up to 21,000 CLF residents to find work and manage their health condition.  

The programme is the first major piece of devolution to London for a decade and is part funded by a grant from the DWP and part funded by the European Social Fund. 

Central London Works is different from previous schemes. It appointed Ingeus as a single provider to work closely with CLF member boroughs, to bridge core employment support with local services, with a view to developing a tailored individual support package for participants via the promotion of labour market inclusion. 

Ingeus will work with participants to overcome their labour market barriers, through the delivery of employability support, swift access to health and wellbeing services, condition management support, training courses and a diverse range of other services reflecting the barriers participants face. 

More information for residents and partners is available on the Central London Works website.

Contact: Viorica Sima


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