Working Capital


Working Capital is a multi-million pound pilot programme aimed at helping people with long-term health conditions back into work.

It has been developed in partnership with Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, the Department for Work and Pensions, London Councils, the Mayor of London and the London Enterprise Panel and is funded by the European Social Fund.

The Pilot is intended to demonstrate that Central London Forward’s eight member local authorities bring together a complex array of local services and businesses across a to provide integrated support for residents facing multiple barriers to work.

The Pilot will test five key elements of delivery:

  • Improving the experience of participants through the provision of a consistent caseworker who is responsible for brokering access to specialist provision.
  • Testing the role of integration through bringing together different services, agencies and relationship into traditional employment support approaches.
  • Testing whether joint governance of a programme across boroughs is conducive to delivering better results
  • Testing the scale of a programme at a sub-regional level to assess whether economies of scale with the tailoring of provision to local need can be achieved simultaneously.
  • Working with a provider to deliver strategic employer engagement, where both provider and borough employer brokerage systems are working to collaboratively.

Contact: Jo Asphall

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