Central London Forward Publications

Central London Forward: Comprehensive Spending Review 2020– Representation to Treasury. Central London Forward have submitted our representation to the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). This sets out our thinking on what the government needs to prioritise in the next Spending Review.



Where next for retail and hospitality in central London?  Following the Government’s announcement on the 22 September of further Covid-19 restrictions, WPI Economics have provided an update to their research on the retail & hospitality sectors.



The current and future impact of COVID-19 on London’s retail and hospitality sectors. This independent research commissioned by CLF from WPI Economics looks at the various factors affecting the retail and hospitality sectors in central London.


Securing the future of culture in central London amid COVID-19 This independent research commissioned by Central London Forward from BOP Consulting explores the unique challenges facing the culture sector in central London, and how its presence, both through cultural institutions and the workforce that underpins it, can be preserved.



Access to employment in central London. Report exploring the geographic nature of employment in central London. The findings shows how transport shapes who can access the areas of high employment in central London. The report looks at London before 2020, before Covid-19, but the issues it raises are vital to how we plan for the future of central London.




The Impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on central London. This presentation addresses how the COVID-19 lock down affected central London’s economy and labour market and what early lessons can be taken to hypothecate the medium and long term impact of COVID-19.



The Inclusive Growth Strategy provides a joint position for areas of work where, by working collaboratively, the inner London boroughs can drive inclusive growth. The strategy focuses on Infrastructure, Housing and Land, and proposes actions within these areas.



The Skills Strategy lays out some of the key skills and employment challenges facing central London. This includes London’s highly polarised labour market, the limited opportunities for progression, and a mismatch between the skills employers need and the skills training currently delivered by providers.



The Central London Forward Business plan sets out our work on the two priorities agreed by our Board Members, sustaining the economic growth of Central London and ensuring a fairer distribution of the proceeds of growth. It also gives details on the key areas of our work and the milestones we will be measuring our progress against.




This third evaluation report of the Working Capital Programme compares experiences of delivery of Working Capital between summer 2017 and                  summer 2018, considering good practice and challenges encountered. It builds on the previous reports to explore, in greater detail, outcomes achieved on the programme as well as providing an update on the Randomised Control Trial.